Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mutated perch

Four beautifully orange perches have in a short period of time been caught in one lake here in Finland.

The outlook of the fish differs from the usual perch by being yellow and orange instead of their normal darker colours and black stripes. Fisherman first suspected the outlook of the perch being a result of industrial chemicals getting into the lake, but the scientists lean mote towards it being a form of genetic mutation of the perches, even more so as one of the caught fish weighed over one kilogramme.

And as these extras ordinary fish have survived and lived to be this big, there is a possibility of more of these mutated fish swimming around in the depths of this lake. This makes me think of the so called golden perch for sale occasionally in some supermarkets, as I have always felt they must be some form of a mutation.

So here comes the trick question, are these mutated, intentionally or non-intentionally genetically mutated fish, safe to digest?

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