Saturday, 6 September 2008

Waste of resources

I prefer to write my blogs in my own time on my own PC instead of having to do it on-line, as I have to right now.

There still is something wrong and I can not find any faulty options on my browser for this to work, neither text can be imported nor any pictures turn out without error messages turning up on my screen. So in the mean time I apologize for my current lack of my usual witty posts.

Anyway, The Finns are quite lazy about recycling, it hardly exists at all and most of the garbage is just disposed of in big heaps to be buried outside the cities. If I recall it correctly only about 10% of the disposed household garbage is recycled.
Now there is this new ad on the TV, "Operatio maa", which in English would be "Operation Earth", which is a fund raising to save earth, globally.

And nothing seems to be done locally in cities or every man's home. This to me seems like a try to avoid the responsibility to do something about the problem we all will be suffering of, or rather already at present are beginning to feel the aftermath of, global warming.

Wasting 90% of sources that could be made use of, well isn't that the utter waste of time, no to mention resources. In a world that still measures everything important in money this seems quite a peculiar.


  1. Are you kidding me!!!!!
    Finland was voted to be the worlds greenest country.
    I don't know where you come from but Finland is a paradise compared where I live!!!

  2. Dear anonymous,
    Finland may have been voted in some kind of polling to be the greenest country.
    But facts are facts, according to the statistic compiled by the Finnish Bureau of Statistics 90% of the total amount of household garbage goes to total waste to the city dumps and only 10% of it is recycled.
    Maybe some recycling would help in order to keep Finland the green paradise it is believed to be. What you see is often only the icing of the cake...and more so if only visiting a country and not like living in it as I do.
    Wishing all you readers a nice day.

  3. Hi Mona
    I read your post as a Finnish person living abroad (England) and was greatly suprised by this statistic. I always have felt that in Finland people do a lot more recycling and caring about their environment than most other countries. Maybe it has changed a lot over the years, but my family still have to separate their rubbish into at least 3 different bins and the same goes for the workplace. Not the same in London...

  4. Well, we have four separate bins to dispose our garbage in, paper, cardboard, household garbage and bio-degradable for our apartment building.
    There are places to dispose of your glassware, separate for coloured and white glass as well as for used batteries, but most people seem to be too lazy to take their garbage further than the bins at their houses and just mix it all up in the household garbage, thus the statistics.
    In other countries I have lived in, you had to separate bio-degradable waste, glass in various colours, plastic, paper, cardboard, tins separate for aluminium and others and batteries.
    And this in every house or apartment building.

  5. Sorry for my poor english but I have to say that recycling in small towns and citys in very hard. The costs would get too hard for those small towns to pay.

  6. Dear anonymous,
    I just feel sorry for the world. In one way or another, we have to pay, in order to try to save it for our own survival. And the more we wait, the higher the costs...for all living creatures of the earth.