Sunday, 8 October 2006

Absolute ruling

Having the opportunity of being able to follow Finnish television as well as other European TV broadcasts and their news is quite interesting, as you notice how differently the same thing is presented the news concerning the eastern neighbour to Finland.

In European news they just say how it is, but here in Finland things are smoothened a bit and not all is said out aloud, things are more hinted at...

So here I go then, the eastern neighbour has been quite aggressive in their foreign policies and statements about their energy politics in summits with the EU, and about the ratifications of borders with some of their neighbours, and with it getting easier granted visas into the EU for their citizens, even talks about abolishing the need of visas into EU.

The army and defence forces of the eastern neighbour are expanding and growing stronger, and Finland is by them considered being "an ally to the NATO forces", and according to their recent statements done by military officials “the neighbouring countries should not fear us but should instead take us in concideration being an opposition to respect”.

Lately there has been a centralization of power in the east like when the Czars used to rule with less democracy for the people. Well, now with only one year to go to the free, democratic elections, and the current president not being eligible anymore in the coming elections, well, time is running out and so they have begun to propose various solutions for this problem already.

With a change of laws, a little reformation of the same and the current president can be elected for a third time, maybe even for more than three times and if also the proposition of extending the length of the time the president stay in power, well then they are going back to the days of the empire with one absolute ruler.

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