Sunday, 27 August 2006

Carelia finally joined together with Finland again!

Ever since the World War II when the Finns lost a huge part of their lands called Carelia to the Russians, or Russia then being the Soviet Union, there has been discussions about getting it back and joined with Finland. There are many associations that run the problematic issue of getting the lost part of Carelia and the biggest town Wyborg back. Now there finally is a solution to the problem!

Finally, after all these years the Russians are returning some of the parts of Carelia to Finland.

You see, no matter where you are you in the southern parts of Finland, and especially near the eastern border, you get to breathe some smog, as the air is filled with the smoke from the wild forest fires burning in the east on the other side of the Russian border. That is in Carelia.

So, finally the Finns are getting some of their lands back, even though if it is only to be inhaled in very small, tiny particles flying in the air.

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