Tuesday, 11 July 2006


What a big scare the media played upon us this spring about the avian-flu. They were telling us about when the migrating birds would be returning to Finland, then we might all get sick and people stocked up on flu-remedies just in case.

And now we are in summer and nothing has really happened. Just some dead swans found here and there around Europe in the early spring, some poultry killed cause of some symptoms of the flu in France and Zoos killing their winged residents for no reason at all. All duck ponds are quite still this summer, no birds to feed. But no cases appeared in humans and no pandemic broke out as we were foretold.

Well, will have to see what the media comes up with next year to scare the public. A couple of years ago it was SARS. Sad really that the media is so prone to report about everything that is wrong and bad in the world. Reading the newspapers and seeing the news on the TV is so depressing!

I think I will curl up in my bed, make myself a nice hot cup of tea and read a nice novel.

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