Friday, 21 April 2006

Russian-roulette the Finnish way?

The weather has now been warmer than usual for a change and they talk about the spring catching up for lost time. At least as an allergic to pollen I have discovered that spring is on its’ way. My hay-fever is well on its’ every year visit and this year it is as close as possible to developing into an asthma. I always look like a red eyed rabbit at all the graduation parties in the spring. At least I can wear a big hat and sunglasses when outdoors in the sunny weather and no one will notice.

Kind of sad, I won’t be able to see any skiing on the lakes at Midsummer after all!

I just heard about some people that had been driving in their car on the ice and got stuck. I mean they did not sink into the lake, they just got stuck. This couple just sat in their car and waited for the fire-brigade and police to come and rescue them and finally had the police talk them into leaving their car.
Well, I would get the hell out of the car if it got stuck in the ice, I mean the car might sink ! Questionable is if I would get into a car driving on the ice, and certainly not this late in the year!

I do not know what happened to the car in the end, if they got the car out as well or if they just left to sink into the ice.
But I wonder if this was just having fun playing Russian roulette the Finnish way?

One thing is for sure, the ice is melting, so no skiing if no cars either on the ice.

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